The Fall of Icarus

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Literature

New Cover

In 2015, I will be releasing a collection of short stories.
I have always been intrigued by the myth of Icarus – the boy who flew too close to the sun with wings of feathers and wax.

Are we all destined to fall?
We have been given a life and we are in way over our heads.

When now the boy, whose childish thoughts aspire,
To loftier aims, and make him ramble higher,
Grown wild and wanton, more embolden’d flies
Far from his guide, and soars among the skies.
The soft’ning wax, that felt a nearer sun,
Dissolv’d apace, and soon began to run.
The youth in vain his melting pinions shakes,
His feathers gone, no longer air he takes:
Oh! Father, Father, as he strove to cry,
Down to the sea he tumbled from on high,
And found his fate; yet still subsists by fame,
Among those waters that retain his name.

– The story of Icarus (Ovid’s Metamorphoses)


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