About Me


My name is Dmitri Lee and I am a high school English literature teacher.
I grew up in Newmarket, Ontario (Canada) and I now live just southwest of Toronto with my wife.

I attended Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario) for my undergraduate degree in English literature with a minor in religious studies and attended Canisius College in New York State for my teaching degree.

I taught grades 7-8 for three years prior to being hired at my current high school in Oakville, Ontario.
I teach English literature (grades 9-11).

My focus, most obviously, is on teaching reading and writing skills. I teach a variety of classics such as: The Chrysalids (Wyndham), Lord of the Flies (Golding), The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Twain), and Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck). We also study short stories, plays, and poetry. I have covered three films including: 12 Angry MenBowling for Columbine, and Dead Poet’s Society.

I try my best to get my students to read for “below the surface” information in order to engage them further into a novel and look for what other inexperienced readers may overlook.

Hemingway once said that “the dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water.”  I have since borrowed this statement (as presented to me by a colleague) to illustrate to my students that the beauty of a novel is what is between the lines and not what is offered to us on the surface.

On the side, I am a recent author of my first “lengthy” text – this short novel is entitled Nostalgia. The novel is narrated by a 15-year old boy who takes the reader through his encounters in North River – an asylum. This can be purchased through this website by clicking on the “Publications” link, which will lead you to Amazon.com.

My blog is updated regularly (I try for once a week) and pertains solely to education. Education is one of those aspects of life that affects everyone – either you’re in school, had once attended school, in a workplace putting your education to work, or you interact with people from a variety of educational backgrounds. We all have our individual experiences with education, our opinions on the faults with the education system, and our outlook on the benefits of education – I try to combine all of the aforementioned to provide a current take on education in Ontario and, perhaps, globally.



If you’re interested, please visit the following sites:    

1. http://www.scratch-the-irish-canadian.blogspot.ca   —> history and literature rolled into one (blog)

2. http://www.pathaggart.wordpress.com   —> everything about life and running (blog)

3. http://www.buddywhistleberry.wix.com/whistleberryarts —> creative and original pieces (art and photography)

  1. marieka says:

    Fantastic book “NOSTALGIA”…..enjoyed very much…..couldn’t stop reading….good work…my son

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